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Noise Nuisance and Anti-social Behaviour - 

Nottingham Students

Going to university can be one of the most exciting yet challenging times in a  young person's life. For many, it will be the very first time living away from home, yet more importantly, away from the watchful eyes of mum and dad. For some, it will be business as usual, fitting in, finding new friends, creating some order to their student lives. Alternatively,  for others, it will be like the releasing of a caged animal. All sense and reasoning flying out of the window, along with the nagging sensible tones of mum and dad.

Nottingham is a city that welcomes students in abundance every year - it has to be said, we love having them. Our city is greatly enhanced by their colourful presence and the influx of clever minds.

The majority of students are very considerate towards their neighbours, as they should be. That being said,  Universities, Agents and landlords do sometimes receive complaints from local residents and Police reports of witnessed noise and anti-social behaviour.

Parents and carers of these young people are often astounded and in disbelief that their studious, clever young adult has behaved in such a way. It's like they have turned into a completely different person.

In my experience, the majority of our student landlords do a great job in trying to bridge that gap left by mum and dad/carer. Assisting our young people during the home from home transition. Here lies a question, is it within a landlords remit to babysit an overzealous, inconsiderate young adult? I would say not. I would go so far as to argue, that they are old enough and smart enough to behave appropriately - student or not. No one minds a bit of fun, we've all been there, anti-social behaviour is a completely different ball game.

What is hugely helpful, parents and carers working together with; the Universities, Agents and landlords, if they become aware of any such behaviour/complaints.

What is not helpful, a situation whereby parents and carers essentially condone the anti-social behaviour; covering it up, not accepting it is relating to their young person, and not attempting to educate them in ways to put things right.

Examples of complaints received:
  • Regular very loud music being played at all  times of day causing annoyance and disturbing a sleeping baby;
  • Disturbances  from various student houses –  banging doors, loud  music, getting  picked up and dropped off by taxis,  shouting, screaming;  
  • Rubbish bags discarded in student garden – bags  split and attracting vermin;
  • Bottles thrown towards resident's property by  guests of a party following a complaint about noise;
  • Students kicking a football around in street hitting it off cars and neighbours windows.

Here's what EMPO have to say:

Nottingham Landlord and Agent universities survey 

"Nottingham universities are receiving a significant number of complaints related to student antisocial behaviour (ASB). In a ‘normal year’ July and August are quiet, and complaints are rare. However, it would appear there is a growing number of students taking up occupancy of their new tenancy at the first available opportunity.

The typical student accommodation cycle would see students moving out of their accommodation June / July and moving in late August or September, close to the start of the next academic year. This results in a ‘fallow period’ of at least a few weeks and usually months. Indeed, Lenton has been regularly regarded as a ‘ghost town’ in the summer.

To get a better understanding on what is happening in conjunction with the universities, we have designed a short survey and would appreciate EMPO’s student landlords and agents to take 5 minutes in completing it.

With an increase in ASB there are potential issues for tenants, universities and licence holders with some households possibly progressing through city council warning and notice stages very early in their tenancy.

Please click HERE to complete the survey"

In conclusion, 

Nottingham has a huge warm welcome to students from near and far.
We want you to enjoy your time with us, grow educationally and personally from the experience.

But please remember, this is our home and we want peaceful enjoyment of it too. 

Diane Bialek

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