Students during Covid - Something for the weekend?

Students during Covid - Something for the weekend?

Whilst most of us have heard the horror stories around students who 'just don't know how to behave' during a global pandemic, it is fair to say, most of us are not amused. I have personally been horrified at some of the stories and reports in the press and have climbed, quite willingly, on to my high horse, on more than one occasion. 

There is a need for us all to behave in a; sensible and caring, community-focussed way, like never before for most of us. This new norm will to the vast majority of us, be a challenge at best, but for some living away from home, sometimes isolated and possibly for the very first time - the situation is magnified.

If like me, you are a 'pull yourself together' type of individual, and just get on with it, you will muddle through in your own time, regardless. Unfortunately, or fortunately, we are not all the same, and some of us need a bit of extra help and kindness.

I was recently sent a WhatsApp message from a friend, whose daughter is at the University of York, away from home, and the message that her daughter received from the uni halls was this...

What a fantastic initiative, and very proactive of the university concerned. This is going some way to ensure that all student residents are not being forgotten at this very challenging time. Furthermore, it is a very clever way of getting the students to stay in, support each other, and have fun along the way.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if some of our private landlords could do something similar? I would put money on the fact, that we have some who already do.

I'd love to hear from any tenants or landlords who can share their stories of kindness. Let's get on our high horse about something good for a change.

We most certainly need it.

Diane Bialek

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